Jan. 10th, 2013

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So, Brigade has these occasional "resiliency" meetings.  A lot of times it's organized by one of the chaplains and revolves around family support, building a strong marriage, overcoming obstacles, etc.  DH got really annoyed when he was in charge of a Basic Training Company because with new soldiers it was all things that their parents should have taught them.  How to set a goal and work towards it.  Stupid things like that.

They're not a bad thing, per se.  Just...  Not something I'm interested in.  (Though, the weekend trips to sunny locals and free childcare does catch my attention sometimes.  Not sure it's worth the "get in touch with your feeeeelings" type of thing, though.)

Anyway.  This one just came up on the FRG FB page:
1 BDE/ 1 AD         Couples Event
Who: Couples of the Ready First Brigade
What: Building Relationship Resiliency and Lunch of Provide [sic]
When, Where, Blah, Blah, Blah

This event has no childcare provided.

OK, easy enough.  Couples resiliency.  Got it.

Here's what the person who posted it wrote:
NO child care is available for this one...if your spouse is deployed, I recommend using some of those 16 hours a month of FREE child care we get through the CDC (must call the CDC to schedule, please do not contact CH Xxxxxx with questions about child care). But remember, spaces fill quickly...so call ahead.

Anyone else seeing the funny?  And, no, not the CDC part.  For us in the Army community, it means "Child Development Center".  AKA: daycare.  Which is still funny.  DH especially liked it when the old Class 6 (liquor store) on Benning became the CDC offices.

Ah...  The official email says "couples" is misleading.  I still find it funny.

On that note:

The Military Wife
Yeah, pretty much )

There was something else...  Oh!  That's what it was.

Skinny Models )
The local news station asked if it was something we wanted to see in the US.

My response: It wouldn't matter. Magazines would just photoshop the perfectly healthy models into something out of a Tim Burton claymation movie..

Because you know that they would do it!  They've already done it with several actresses who have raised an absolute fuss over it.  Good for them!


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