Mar. 27th, 2013

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So, while I've been tempted to avoid all social media for the next few days, I decided not to.  Because I would be bored.

I rarely talk about politics or religion.  I always feel like I fumble my words or like I do not know enough about the subject to speak well.  So, I tend to avoid the discussions all together.  Especially since politics and religion are two of those hot bed topics that gets everyone's dander up.  No matter what side of an issue I come down on, about half of my friends and family would screech at me.  So, it's easier to just keep my lips zipped. 

But I'm also a writer.  Writing is how I process.  So sometimes I post things just to get my thoughts out.  Which is where LJ comes in.

I identify myself as a conservative Christian.  That being said, why should I give a fuck who you are allowed to marry?  If you're gay, you're gay and you have just as much of a right to happiness as I do.  If that means marriage for you, more power to you.  As long as you are both consenting adults, I could really care less.

I'm much more concerned about other issues in the US.  Like the fact that an estimated 54% of sexual assaults never get reported to the police and only 3% of the accused ever spend a day in jail (according to this site).  That 13 year old girls are called sluts for accusing 18 year old boys of raping them.  Of the fact that I grew up in that sort of rape culture and looked the other way when a friend got drunk and had sex when she was not able to give her full consent.  That even her brother stood by and did nothing.  Instead, he left.

On a side note, I was discussing rape and rape culture with the boys on the way to TKD tonight.  Eldest's opinion is that the above statistics are insane, blaming the victim is stupid, and men who dismiss charges of rape are sexist.  I love my kid.

So, yeah, as far as issues go, opposing marriage equality is really just not on my radar. 


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