Apr. 24th, 2013

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So, I linked this video to Laura, basically to complain about dating myself.  I don't think I ever watched this movie, but I do remember when it came out.  My sister was so excited.  She loved Kid n Play.  I was 12, so...  Yeah, I didn't really care.*

This was Laura's response:

Laura: ...i can't stop watching
Laura: ...what is this
Laura: it's witchcraft
Laura: it's dancing crack
Laura: what
Laura: what is this
Laura: what
Laura: make it stop
Laura: please


I'm still laughing.

* Seriously, I remember faking interest in boy bands, and boys in general, at that age because it was the socially accepted...  Thing.  I can't brain.  I liked the music of New Kids on the Block (dating myself again), but did not really have a crush on any of them.  If one of my friends asked who my favorite was, I always said Danny, because it none of them gushed over him and therefore I did not need to wax poetic about his face or eyes or anything like that.  It doesn't matter that at the time I wore a C cup bra.  I was just not interested in boys.

Which leads into a whole long missive about how too much pressure is put on kids to grow up, either by their peers or by media or society in general and why it's one of my many reasons for home schooling.  Because I don't want my kids forced to start liking girls when they'd rather play with Legos.  But I'm not going to do that.  Because it's late, my boys have been sick all week, and so have I.  So, I'm heading to bed, where I will crash until hopefully 9am. 

Yeah, I know, that won't happen.  Munchkin will probably wake me up by 7, if I'm lucky.  5:30 if I'm not.



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