Apr. 30th, 2013


Apr. 30th, 2013 10:17 am
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For all that I joke about being a Grammar Nazi, I do understand that mistakes happen and tend to ignore it when friends and family post something that's a little wonky.  And DH loves misusing sense, since, and cents just to bug me (he does get sense and since confused, but will play it up whenever he sends things to me, using as many combinations as possible just to get me to sigh).

This, though...

I think I would have to unfriend anyone who wrote like this:

dat is considewed an Emewgency....call da city. Dey shoulds fix it and chawge him. Or habs someone fix it, and take fwom went! Sowee not closew. We habs a contwator can needs wowk wight now and he would come immediately and fix it good!


And it has to be deliberate, right?  Some stupid affectation...  Oh, God...  Even worse.  It's a fucking PET account!  Why the hell do people have pet FB accounts?  So stupid.

In other news, last week sucked.  We managed to pick up a tummy virus and a cold in the same week.  Now that's talent.  We all spent the whole week miserable.  Youngest says he feels sick today.  That might just be because he does not want to do anything.

#3 had an audiologist appointment yesterday, just to check to make sure that nothing was wrong with his hearing.  That whole speech delay thing.  He does have a little extra pressure in his ears, but it's still in the normal range.  He heard all the sounds that he was supposed to.  Just like I've been saying, he just is not ready to talk.

He is saying more and more.  Like he says "got it" now, when he's reached something hard to get.  He's just not a chatter box.  He has big brothers and a mommy who respond to the point and grunt.

And my sister is silly.  She sews backwards.  For my crafty friends, you know when you sew on a machine, you put the bulk of the fabric to the left of the machine as you sew.  My sister puts it on the right, between the needle and the machine.  I think she can only do this because she has a machine designed for quilters.  My machine, the space there is barely big enough for my hand and the few times I do have to put fabric there, it's a disaster.

Eldest is good.  Growing his hair long and wearing a fedora.  Because he's silly that way. 

Both boys just earned their green belts in TKD and are very proud of this.  They're also taking an extra weapons class once a month and I'm going to order them their own bo staffs during the next class.  As well as sparring gear.  *winces*  That's going to be $500, between the two of them.  And that's with the TKD master shopping around to find the best deal.


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