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Seriously.  I just spent a good 10 minutes staring at a piece of Sterek fanart because it's just that perfect.  Like, I wish I had a smidge of the talent the artist has. 

Link, so that I can go drool over it again later.  Don't click if you're offended by two guys making out.  No full nudity, so technically safe for work... 

Seriously, if I had more time, I would icon the shit out of this.

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My head feels lighter.  I feel so free...

Yes, I got my hair "did".  (Aside, I HATE it when women say that. Bad grammar! Gah!)  The stylist took off somewhere between 5 and 8 inches.  I really do not know how much, because I did not measure.  It's now at my shoulders again.  #3 is a little disconcerted, because there's not as much to grab, but he's OK with it.

Now comes the days of washing with too much shampoo, hitting myself with the brush because my hair ends before I expect it to, and being confused by not being able to throw it over one shoulder to keep it out of the way.

Also, I'm due for a MAJOR crying jag.  If only I had time...

The boys lost their TKD class.  The gym expects to get a new teacher by the beginning of the year, and in the 3 full days since the old teacher quit, the owners have apparently interviewed a couple of strong possible candidates.  Which may mean that they were expecting the split with the old teacher...  And the old teacher has already met with investors about opening his own dojang...

I...  Honestly, I'm not sure which we will stick with.  It will depend on the new teacher, if he or she still does all the extras, like the demo team., if the gym still will to the home school classes, etc.

It will depend on if the old teacher manages to get his dojang up and running, where it is, what time slots he offers, what pricing he has... 

Lots of things to think about.  And I'm not doing it until the first of the year.  Because I'm NOT.
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Lots of F words in here. )

OK.  I have ranted and babbled and dealt with some of my built up feelings.  Now I feel like I'm going to pass out. 

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One of my friends...  Would I really call her a friend?  Associate?  Fellow Army Wife?  Anyway, she had a family emergency and had to pull her kids out of school to go deal with it.  It happens.  Only now there's a threat of going to court for truancy, because her kids will have been out of school for more than 10 days in the school year. 

So I have spent the past hour and a half walking her through the home school process/life/options/etc.  Not including the hour I did the same last night.  Which is fine, I'm glad to help.  I just find it amusing that I'm the one people come to for help.  Maybe I'm just the only home schooler that they know?  Or I'm more approachable?  Some home schoolers get very defensive about their choices and react badly to questions.  Some aso think that their way of teaching their children is the only way to teach. 

What I love about home schooling is the flexibility.  If Saxon math is not getting through to your kid, try Abeka.  If your kid needs constant motion, then go over times tables while he's on the trampoline.  I know a young man who apparently learned how to read while jumping.

Anyway...  Yeah, I am amused.
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[personal profile] dream_mancer  and I just worked out how Teen Wolf canon could work without Stiles.  Without making too many changes to the present state of affairs in the show.  Be impressed.

It took 2 days (with lots of breaks for real life).  The episode by episode notes is 10 pages long and 3,000+ words.  All so that she can write an AU.  And, yes, we really did go episode by episode, using recaps, to figure this out. 

Obsessed?  Who's obsessed?  Not me!  Laura, you're not obsessed, right?

Thank goodness the series only has 24 episodes!

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[personal profile] dream_mancer  and I have been bitching about fandom pet peeves the last few days, especially within the Teen Wolf fandom, since that's the one we're both obsessed with at the moment.

Anyway, my fandom pet peeve of the week (which I've possibly bitched about before) is badly done kid fics.  Fics where the 4 year old has perfect grammar, diction, and manners.  Fics where the adults do not take into account the needs of the child before making life changes.  Or, you know, laws.

It's not just the Teen Wolf fandom.  I remember reading a House fic where Cameron packed up her 2 year old kid and moved from another state without organizing a new place to live, job, or child care.  And so many stories of doctors treating their own children.  Nope.  Just nope.

The story that set this particular rant off, one character finds out he has a daughter because said daughter runs away from her foster home and magically finds him, tracking him through 2 days worth of walking through the woods.  *eyebrow*  OK, even given that the little girl is a werewolf, she's still only 5. 

No discussion of how they're going to settle this with Child Protective Services, especially given that the story starts with the mother giving birth under a false name and not naming the father.  Proving paternity, anyone?  Then proving that he's a fit parent?  Yeah.  That's not mentioned. 

What is mentioned is that the new father does not think that Macy's and Sears are appropriate shopping destination for the girl because she's 5.  *blinks*  Last time I checked, Macy's and Sears sold children's clothes.

OK, people who do not have children, or do not deal with children, should not write kid fics.  This is my Fandom Decree!  *nods regally*

Other TW fandom peeves: Derek is not huge in comparison to Stiles.  He's also not built like a line backer.  He does not have buck teeth or cheekbones that could cut glass.  He actually has a very expressive face and thus has more than 3 expressions.

Also, whoever decided that the phrase "licking into his mouth", or derivatives thereof, was a sexy way to describe kissing needs to be beaten with a wet noodle.  It makes me cringe.


Nov. 17th, 2012 07:19 am
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Migraines suck donkey dicks.  Seriously.  It's not even all that bad right now.  I'm not curled up in the bed with a pillow over my head, which is a vast improvement over the one I had a few months ago.

Why is life so busy?  Why do I keep adding activities?  Or, better yet, why do my kids keep adding activities?

Monday is TKD and speech therapy.  Tuesday is gloriously free.  Wednesday is TKD.  Thursday is gloriously free.  Friday is speech therapy.  Saturday is TKD demo team practice.  Sunday is church and Sunday school.

I would like to sign the munchkin up for toddler gymnastics in a couple of months, but that's held on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Which means that I would be at the gym 5/7 days.  I would go batty.

I can't imagine how school kids and their parents do this.  I really can't.

I'm trying to make a plush Serenity for DH for Xmas.  Since we have to do his Xmas a month early...  I possibly should have started earlier.  If it gets done, it gets done.  If not, oh well.

And, yeah, I really have nothing else to say.
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I was just telling [personal profile] dream_mancer  about Eldest reading fanfic at The Pit.  My advice to him boiled down to:  "Stay away from sex, violence, and girls with floor length purple hair." 

*dies laughing*

. . .

Oct. 9th, 2012 07:42 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] goddessvicky !

Um...  Do I have anything else to post about?

*shrug*  Babble it is!

Eldest and Youngest have a Taekwondo belt test on Saturday.  They're up for Orange.  Their master says that they have it.  So, yay.

This is actually going to be a busy week for me.  FRG meeting on Wednesday  Hail and Farewell on Friday (if I can find a freaking sitter!), and then the belt test on Saturday.  And I seriously have to clean the house.  No, like SERIOUSLY.

#3 is toddling along.  He still only says a couple of words, but his understanding is obvious.  And he loves learning and using sign language.  He knows Mommy, Papa, brother, cat, bird, bunny, ball, more, eat, drink, and hurt...  He doesn't always use them, but he does know them.  And he's using a fork and spoon.  If only I could get him to STAY in his highchair with them. 

Wow, Eldest and Youngest are so not awake yet.  #3 is, though!

DH is about to have 3 weeks off.  This might drive me batty.

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Happy birthday, Liz!

Oh...  Coffee's done...  COFFEE!  Coffeecoffeecoffee!

(Otherwise known as: TOO EARLY!)
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I love [personal profile] dream_mancer . I really, truly do. She's my go-to person for random thoughts, venting, and general silliness.

But sometimes I forget that she gets very few of my references. Though, it's possibly funnier when I DO remember.

Take today, for example:

Jo-Anne: Here's more pain for you. FB post from my white trash niece: I found out what I am having October 15th and I wanna know what everybody thinks the baby is yall have until October 14th to guess either a boy or girl!!
Laura: ...
Jo-Anne: I've actually read worse.
Jo-Anne: But she managed to post it twice, and posted before that she "found out on Oct 15th". It makes me twitch!
Laura: *snort*
Laura: She's a time traveler!
Jo-Anne: Oh, God... What a horrid idea.
Jo-Anne: Someone like THAT able to create temporal paradoxes.
Jo-Anne: Paradoxi?
Jo-Anne: Dev says paradoxes.
Laura: don't make my brain explode
Jo-Anne: I was about to say that it would be worse than Bill and Ted being in charge of the phone booth... But then I realized that you would have no idea what I was talking about.
Laura: ...
Laura: is that a Dr. Who thing?
Jo-Anne: WYLD STALLIONS! *air guitar*
Jo-Anne: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. A young Keanu Reeves was Ted (I think?), and he and his friend were highschool, surfer, music slackers. They said "Whoa" a LOT!
Laura: ...
Laura: whatever
Watch the trailer. You know you want to. I was giggling just watching it!
Laura: no
Laura: I'm resisting
Jo-Anne: Waaaaaatch iiiiiitttt!
Jo-Anne: Just the trailer, not the movie.
Jo-Anne: And then you'll at least get the reference I made.
Laura: *resists*

So, just for Laura, who is still resisting watching the trailer:

No trailer for the 3rd movie yet. Yes, they're making a 3rd movie. Because they are insane?

Watch 'em.  You know you wanna.

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Episode 9 and 10 of season 2 of Teen Wolf have SO MANY FEELS!  *sobs*  Also, I screen capped a bit because the composition was just gorgeous.  And I want an icon of it.

And I'm not going to say any more than that, because[personal profile] dream_mancer  is behind me in the series and she keeps telling me to hush.

Also, MTV is being a little bitch and not streaming the last tow episodes. 

So, yeah, that long drawn out scream of agony: that was my reaction to MTV.

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This fandom is going to EAT MY BRAIN!  And an AU is trying to start the nom process.

I do not want to write Teen Wolf fic.  I do not want to write Teen Wolf fic.  I do not want to write Teen Wolf fic.

[personal profile] dream_mancer , stop yelling "doo eet!"  You too, [personal profile] slythhearted !

Because I don't write slash and it would so be a slash pairing and NO!  Make it stop!!!


Aug. 25th, 2012 07:11 am
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It's [personal profile] slythhearted 's fault.  Really.  I've stayed up late for the last few nights reading just one more chapter.  Which of course morphs into one more story.  After I force myself to sleep, #3 wakes up.  And then I read while feeding him.  And, you guessed it.  Just one more!

I haven't even watched all the series yet!  Which, yeah, means I'm totally spoiled for it because I'm reading the fic.  But I don't care.  The fic.  It's so good!  I read the fic during the freaking commercial breaks while streaming the show!!!

I think I got 4 hours of sleep last night.  Because I was reading! 


Darn you!

I need coffee now.

EDIT:  I should mention that I don't even LIKE slash!  I don't pair two canonically straight characters together.  The only other slash pairing I read is John/Rodney from SGA, which...  Yeah, I think is slythhearted's fault too.  In a round about way because I did not know her then, but I DID know msgordo, who pointed out all the J/R "OMG, they're secretly dating!" moments.  Which I then SAW.  I seem to recall Karen saying that slythhearted had pointed them out to her...

So...  Yeah...  ALL HER FAULT!  =-P

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Have I mentioned that I'm really not a social person?  I avoid gatherings of people whenever possible.  I do OK once I'm in a social setting, I just...  Dislike them and avoid them.

Nevertheless, apparently I am easy to talk to or something.  Or at least willing to listen.

Tuesday I talked to a woman for at least an hour about the death of her 17 week old son.  It was one of those tragic deaths that they always warn you about but rarely actually happen.  It had only been two months since his death.  All I could do was tell her that I was sorry for her loss and listen to her talk.  And she obviously needed someone to talk to.  My heart still hurts for her, and I want to hold all three of my boys close and cuddle them because of it.

Today it was half an hour chatting about sewing, homeschooling, Tae Kwon Do, and struggling to become pregnant with a random woman in Walmart.  Yes, it was definitely a range of topics.

OK, now I'm gonna delve into politics/religion a bit.  Because I write to work things out.  Feel free to skip over it.

Opinions are like assholes. )


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