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So, Brigade has these occasional "resiliency" meetings.  A lot of times it's organized by one of the chaplains and revolves around family support, building a strong marriage, overcoming obstacles, etc.  DH got really annoyed when he was in charge of a Basic Training Company because with new soldiers it was all things that their parents should have taught them.  How to set a goal and work towards it.  Stupid things like that.

They're not a bad thing, per se.  Just...  Not something I'm interested in.  (Though, the weekend trips to sunny locals and free childcare does catch my attention sometimes.  Not sure it's worth the "get in touch with your feeeeelings" type of thing, though.)

Anyway.  This one just came up on the FRG FB page:
1 BDE/ 1 AD         Couples Event
Who: Couples of the Ready First Brigade
What: Building Relationship Resiliency and Lunch of Provide [sic]
When, Where, Blah, Blah, Blah

This event has no childcare provided.

OK, easy enough.  Couples resiliency.  Got it.

Here's what the person who posted it wrote:
NO child care is available for this one...if your spouse is deployed, I recommend using some of those 16 hours a month of FREE child care we get through the CDC (must call the CDC to schedule, please do not contact CH Xxxxxx with questions about child care). But remember, spaces fill call ahead.

Anyone else seeing the funny?  And, no, not the CDC part.  For us in the Army community, it means "Child Development Center".  AKA: daycare.  Which is still funny.  DH especially liked it when the old Class 6 (liquor store) on Benning became the CDC offices.

Ah...  The official email says "couples" is misleading.  I still find it funny.

On that note:

The Military Wife
Yeah, pretty much )

There was something else...  Oh!  That's what it was.

Skinny Models )
The local news station asked if it was something we wanted to see in the US.

My response: It wouldn't matter. Magazines would just photoshop the perfectly healthy models into something out of a Tim Burton claymation movie..

Because you know that they would do it!  They've already done it with several actresses who have raised an absolute fuss over it.  Good for them!

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Lots of F words in here. )

OK.  I have ranted and babbled and dealt with some of my built up feelings.  Now I feel like I'm going to pass out. 


Nov. 17th, 2012 07:19 am
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Migraines suck donkey dicks.  Seriously.  It's not even all that bad right now.  I'm not curled up in the bed with a pillow over my head, which is a vast improvement over the one I had a few months ago.

Why is life so busy?  Why do I keep adding activities?  Or, better yet, why do my kids keep adding activities?

Monday is TKD and speech therapy.  Tuesday is gloriously free.  Wednesday is TKD.  Thursday is gloriously free.  Friday is speech therapy.  Saturday is TKD demo team practice.  Sunday is church and Sunday school.

I would like to sign the munchkin up for toddler gymnastics in a couple of months, but that's held on Tuesday and Thursdays.  Which means that I would be at the gym 5/7 days.  I would go batty.

I can't imagine how school kids and their parents do this.  I really can't.

I'm trying to make a plush Serenity for DH for Xmas.  Since we have to do his Xmas a month early...  I possibly should have started earlier.  If it gets done, it gets done.  If not, oh well.

And, yeah, I really have nothing else to say.

. . .

Oct. 9th, 2012 07:42 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] goddessvicky !

Um...  Do I have anything else to post about?

*shrug*  Babble it is!

Eldest and Youngest have a Taekwondo belt test on Saturday.  They're up for Orange.  Their master says that they have it.  So, yay.

This is actually going to be a busy week for me.  FRG meeting on Wednesday  Hail and Farewell on Friday (if I can find a freaking sitter!), and then the belt test on Saturday.  And I seriously have to clean the house.  No, like SERIOUSLY.

#3 is toddling along.  He still only says a couple of words, but his understanding is obvious.  And he loves learning and using sign language.  He knows Mommy, Papa, brother, cat, bird, bunny, ball, more, eat, drink, and hurt...  He doesn't always use them, but he does know them.  And he's using a fork and spoon.  If only I could get him to STAY in his highchair with them. 

Wow, Eldest and Youngest are so not awake yet.  #3 is, though!

DH is about to have 3 weeks off.  This might drive me batty.

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As in Security Clearance.  My husband's is due for an update.  So, he's filling out the paperwork right now.  And constantly texting me things to look up.  Like addresses from when he was deployed.  And my birth information, as well as my parents' birth information.  And his parents' birth information.  And Mom's address.  All stuff that I have or can find...  But still.

Me: Do they need to know my bra size as well?

DH: Yeah, by year, but I didn't have to look that up.


It would not have been so bad if #3 had not been actively fighting sleep by doing all the things he knows he's not supposed to do.
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I think it's in poor taste to rec your own story to a rec community. 

I'm so glad that I am not a pre-pubescent hormone bomb.  Though, how Eldest's Tae Kwon Do master dealt with the explosion of said bomb was wonderful.  He sat and talked to Eldest for a good 10 minutes after class (which ran 10 minutes over) until Eldest was once again his happy self.  Then the master came out and told me that I was a wonderful mom and was doing a great job.

This is soooo much better than the last time Eldest took a martial art, back at the ripe old age of 4.  He acted up a little and the teacher proceeded to make me feel like an awful mother because the 4 year old was not used to being in a class of 30 kids.  He started giving me parenting advice about using positive reinforcement.  This is the same teacher that made Eldest go from refusing to take his Gi off to screaming at the idea of attending class.

Yeah.  It was not a good fit for us. (I know other people who say that school is great and have had zero problems through multiple kids and multiple years.)

On another good note, today demonstrated to Eldest that sometimes you just need the emotional release of crying.  A little later he said "You know, I feel a lot better after crying."

I love him to pieces.

I'm also glad I'm not teething.  #3 is still happy, but more prone to crying for no apparent reason.  And where the top two teeth are trying to pop out looks bruised and swollen.  Poor boy.  Of course, the fact that he was too hot, hungry, and tired when we got home did not help at all.

In other news...  Is there other news?  *shrug*

Did I mention that my husband is in CA this week?  He's been away every other week since he started work here.  It makes life interesting, to say the least.

There was something else I wanted to chatter about.  But I forgot.  *sigh*  My brain is a sieve.

I should say something about Youngest.  I mentioned Eldest and #3.  Youngest is...  Bee bopping along.  He enjoys TKD as well. *shrug*  I'm not letting him get lost in the shuffle, I swear.  I just...  Have nothing to say about him right now.
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Was AWESOME!  Seriously!  Definitely worth the price of admission.  If I had been near an aisle, I would have been rolling in it from the laughter. 

I want two things now. 

This one is slightly spoilery... )

And second, a story that follows the events of the movie, only with Clint/Darcy dating.  Because...  Wow, that would be an awesome story.

Either one of these might eat my brain until I write it.  Though, I would have to watch the movie much more often to make sure I get details right.  No hardship there.  (Like Cap's ass shot the first time we see him.  Man can wear khaki pants!)

Oh!  *coff*  BTW, my hubby loves me and let me take the older two boys to watch The Avengers as part of my Mother's Day.  He stayed home with #3.  He's awesome!

And, yes, awesome is my word of the day.

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It's...  Been an interesting couple of weeks.

DH, Rose, MiL )
So...  Yeah.  Life has been interesting... 


Apr. 16th, 2012 11:46 am
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I'm patiently waiting fort Volvo to call and tell me what is wrong with my car.  Patiently.  Really.  The battery is not holding a charge.  I am not thrilled.  Hopefully it's nothing too insane, but considering that it's been in the bay for about 4 hours now...  Of course, they might just be tracking down the leak in the evap system.  It's in the fuel neck fill hose thingy. 

Unpacking is still progressing.  We have most of it done, really.  But...  Some of this stuff, I just have no idea what to do with. 

*sigh*  I want my car back.  Not that I want or need to go anywhere, but being stuck sucks.

Let's see...  DH's computer died.  Apparently it's a failing of Windows Vista.  So, he was going to buy a new hard drive and Windows 7, but 7 was just as expensive as a whole new tower.  So, we bought a tower, only it was broken.  Some problem with Windows that customer support could not figure out, so we took it back.  And now DH is waiting for his new laptop to be delivered.  He was going to wait until closer to his next deployment before ordering it, but with the desktop down, it seemed silly not to.  We might see about getting a new tower later.  *shrug*

I should be emptying a box.  But #3 is asleep on the couch and I don't want to leave him downstairs alone.  And...  OK, I could call the older two down to sit with him...  But I really don't want to unpack right now.
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GA to TX )
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Because I thought I should actually try it.

#3 is currently in his cage, cruising the edges and babbling happily away.  Yes, he cruises.  Slowly, but it's cruising.  And has two teeth coming up.  They've broken through, but are not actually up yet.

My Mom is up and using a walker.  Like #3, it's slow going.  Her right knee needs replacement surgery, but apparently they will not do it until she is more mobile.  Which I guess makes sense.  Focus on one type of PT first, and then go on to the next.

I think Sis's marriage might be in the process of imploding.  Again.  I could be wrong.  It's not like she does not bitch about her hubby all the time anyway.  Apparently he told her that he thinks she's going through a mid-life crisis and is selfish.  *blinks*  Because she got her hair cut and is going Friday to have her nails done and eat lunch with her BFF. 

*sigh*  Not that I can do anything about it.  I can't really even tell what is actually going on.  Sis always bitches about her hubby.  ALWAYS.  So...  I dunno.

Let's see, cats have an appointment tomorrow.  They've over due for shots.  #3 has one on Feb 2nd.  I still need to make one for my car.  Yes, I have a weird way of thinking about things.

My car needs it 50K check up.  I think Volvo actually does like 55K.  But it's telling me that it's time for that.  And I have a leak in the weather stripping.  Which makes for fun times, considering all the rain we've been having.  Not looking forward to the bill.

The plan to go out to Bliss right now is to make a 4-5 day trip out.  That's driving 5-7 hours each day, checking into a hotel, and exploring the local area a bit.  With DH and I both driving, but staying together (relatively).  Then he'll sign in and have 10 days of house hunting.  I need to look online again.  And do an actual search.  We're 45 days out (give or take).  Wow, moving again.  With a baby!  Yikes!!!


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