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Well, actually, where to next should be Ft. Leavenworth, KS.  And not for at least a year.  I think that we will be there for a year.

But after that?  DH has discussed Germany before.  Now he's thinking either staying at Leavenworth or getting a Master's and going to DC.  The DC he's thought about before. 

My husband as a Congressional Fellow is a scary thought, actually...

Not that any speculation really matters.  The Army will send us where the Army sends us.  It could be Alaska.  Or Washington State.  Still, kinda fun to think about.

In other news, Eldest is turning 13 this month.  AHHH!!!!  And entering 8th grade.  *flails* 

Youngest is about to turn 11. 

And #3 is going to be 2!  His vocabulary is slowly improving. 

We're planning an actual vacation for after DH comes back from Afghanistan.  "Vacation" for us is usually heading to TN for the entire block of leave, where we end up doing a shit-load of little projects around the house.  And...  It's not as restful as it could be.  And since it's a 20 hour drive, not worth the stress.

So, we're tentatively planning 8 days of fun.  Driving to San Antonio in one day, then visiting the Alamo before continuing to Houston the next day.  See the sights in Houston (zoo, Battleship Texas, Houston Space Center, maybe the beach).  Then back to San Antonio for the zoo and maybe the caves.  It'll be fun.
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