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 So, I have this interesting friend, met through DH during his Army years.  He calls me a cuss leech because he has to throw a morality check any time he cusses in front of me.

Of course, he also publicly posts about his sexual kinks, is proud of both his wife and their sub...  

Interesting friend.

I like sending him dick jokes and pictures.  Because I can.

He posted this today:

In case no one has told you today:

You're literally the only person who remembers that social fuck up that kept you awake last night.

And...  I know this, of course.  Everyone knows it.  But seeing it written down is sorts mind blowing to me tonight.  Possibly because I have been remembering the social missteps I made in Italy several years ago.  Random, I know.  But, the fact that I ordered an eggplant parmesan pizza, not eggplant parmesan, and basically stole someone else's dinner and confused the very nice waiter, still makes me twitch.  (I would have paid for the mistake and taken the pizza back to the room if that had not been our last night in Rome.  I couldn't take it on the bus the next day.)

Yes, these are the things that haunt me.

In other news, we have demoed the room in the basement that has the worst water issues.  Used water proofing paint on the cinder block walls and waited a week for rain.  It is MUCH better now.  DH is going to frame out new walls at some point.  Then insulation, some new wiring, and then I think a break before sheet rock.  

We have got to get the electric taken care of...

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This journal has become friends only.  At some point I'll add a nifty graphic. 

Comment to be added, etc.

Edit:  Just to let you know, I'm picky about who I add.  Call me paranoid.  I will not add someone who friends me unless I know him or her from somewhere else or if he or she leaves a comment here to at least introduce yourself.

Fic and art posts will always be unlocked unless I delve into the realms of NC-17. 

Edit2: I have created a fic journal for myself.  All new fanart/fanfic will be housed at [ profile] icanbecreative . 
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 And not really the reason for the massive sorting of earlier.

I scored a 150 gallon, reef ready fish tank for FREE!  We pick it up tomorrow. 

It needs to be recaulked and we need to build a stand for it.  I also need to figure out lights.  LEDs are the latest thing and confusing compared to the last time I looked at this question.

$1k+ tank for free!  

And...  It might be 2 years before I'm able to do anything with it.  But, i can affors it for that price.

More Fanart

Aug. 2nd, 2015 02:27 pm
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Fanart for the story "It Don't Come Easy" by twisted_slinky. It can be found here.

(On a sorta related note, I have been basically offline for a month. Both because the wireless here sucks and because I have been busy. I'm unwilling to work to change the first because DH is going to sweep in and change everything anyway. As for the second, I just need to get through it.)
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Fanart for the story "The Right Partner" by owlmoose. Story can be found here.
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A FB rant from my cousin )

(Names changed to be safe.)

Dear Cousin,

The least offensive thing I could say here is that the mother is the first teacher. 

You blame her father and the judicial system for ruining your daughter's life.  For her going back to jail.  For her losing five years of her life during her previous stint in jail.

The mother is the first teacher.

Who taught your daughter right from wrong?  Who taught her to respect others?  Who taught her to strive to better herself? 

Where were you when she was 16, pregnant, and committing whatever crime sent her to jail for five (or more) years?  Were you with your own husband, who is also in jail?  Or with the boyfriend who beat the shit out of you?

Were you teaching her about parental responsibility when you dropped her and your son off with your mother and left for days at a time to be with your boyfriend?

Do not blame the judicial system.  If you want someone to blame, look in a mirror.  Did you encourage your daughter to better herself while in prison?  Did she get a GED, maybe take college courses?  Did you help her by proof-reading her job applications?  By helping her transition smoothly?

There are a few very telling things to me.  The fact that your granddaughter was not left in your custody, but was adopted by an outside family.  The fact that a judge considers you a harmful influence on your daughter to such a degree that he granted a no contact order.  The fact that your first assumption is that people will think that you are high. 

The mother is the first teacher.  And you, my dear, failed spectacularly.

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Cracked round up of the 5 most horrific sex scenes in fanfiction.  Seriously.

If Cookie Monster/Clay Morrow dos not make you laugh, then nothing will.

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Amazon Worlds, where you can publish fanfic from certain WB franchises and earn royalties for your stories.

I'm really...  I don't like it.  Fanfic has always been driven by pure love, not by money.  And the few times someone has tried to publish pure fanfic, the internet exploded with hate.

What I'm seeing as the end result is that the WB will start making a profit on fan stories and send Cease and Desist orders to free fanfic sites.

Really, no, I do not like this.


From the Bleeding Cool comments section, a breakdown of some of the fine print:
There's also a couple "gotchas" in this. The first is relatively minor, but it says that the owners of the IP that authors borrow will have an exclusive license to your work. So if you did what Larry Niven did when he got a chance to write an episode of Star Trek (animated), and adapted one of his short stories to fit in the Trek universe, you wouldn't be able to publish that short story (in its original form) elsewhere. The bigger "gotcha" comes next: While they reassure authors that they'll retain the copyright to their original elements (new characters, settings, plot, dialog), the owners of the IP you're borrowing will have a license to use them, without paying you an additional penny. I suspect they included this clause to protect themselves from "you stole my idea" lawsuits, but it would be oh so easy for them to abuse it. So not only would Larry Niven be unable to publish "The Soft Weapon" on his own, he would've handed the Kzinti to Paramount to use in future episodes (and books and movies and plush toys), free of charge.

Also, with free sites, why would you pay for fanfic?  I can see why getting paid royalties would seem nice, but most fanfic authors I know are not in it for the money (obviously).  They do it because they love the worlds and the characters.  Because they love writing and want to hone their craft. 


Apr. 30th, 2013 10:17 am
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For all that I joke about being a Grammar Nazi, I do understand that mistakes happen and tend to ignore it when friends and family post something that's a little wonky.  And DH loves misusing sense, since, and cents just to bug me (he does get sense and since confused, but will play it up whenever he sends things to me, using as many combinations as possible just to get me to sigh).

This, though...

I think I would have to unfriend anyone who wrote like this:

dat is considewed an da city. Dey shoulds fix it and chawge him. Or habs someone fix it, and take fwom went! Sowee not closew. We habs a contwator can needs wowk wight now and he would come immediately and fix it good!


And it has to be deliberate, right?  Some stupid affectation...  Oh, God...  Even worse.  It's a fucking PET account!  Why the hell do people have pet FB accounts?  So stupid.

In other news, last week sucked.  We managed to pick up a tummy virus and a cold in the same week.  Now that's talent.  We all spent the whole week miserable.  Youngest says he feels sick today.  That might just be because he does not want to do anything.

#3 had an audiologist appointment yesterday, just to check to make sure that nothing was wrong with his hearing.  That whole speech delay thing.  He does have a little extra pressure in his ears, but it's still in the normal range.  He heard all the sounds that he was supposed to.  Just like I've been saying, he just is not ready to talk.

He is saying more and more.  Like he says "got it" now, when he's reached something hard to get.  He's just not a chatter box.  He has big brothers and a mommy who respond to the point and grunt.

And my sister is silly.  She sews backwards.  For my crafty friends, you know when you sew on a machine, you put the bulk of the fabric to the left of the machine as you sew.  My sister puts it on the right, between the needle and the machine.  I think she can only do this because she has a machine designed for quilters.  My machine, the space there is barely big enough for my hand and the few times I do have to put fabric there, it's a disaster.

Eldest is good.  Growing his hair long and wearing a fedora.  Because he's silly that way. 

Both boys just earned their green belts in TKD and are very proud of this.  They're also taking an extra weapons class once a month and I'm going to order them their own bo staffs during the next class.  As well as sparring gear.  *winces*  That's going to be $500, between the two of them.  And that's with the TKD master shopping around to find the best deal.
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Title: Cousins to the War

Author: [ profile] jo_anne_storm

Artist: [ profile] sarah_jones

Fandoms: Teen Wolf/Buffy: the Vampire Slayer

Genre: Crossover

Pairings: None

Main Characters: Stiles, Xander

Rating: Teen

Warnings: None

Summary: Stiles is sent to stay with his cousin for the summer in the hopes that a reformed teen troublemaker will be a good influence on him. The cousin's name: Xander Harris. Set post season 2 for Teen Wolf and post season 6 for Buffy.

Notes: First of all, thank you to my beta and head cheerleader [ profile] dream_mancer. Thank you to [ profile] slythhearted for dragging me into this crazy fandom. And finally, thank you to [ profile] sarah_jones for the wonderful artwork that accompanies this story.

Link to LJ | Link to AO3 | Link to the art masterpost | Link to the art on LJ

 photo cousinstothewarbannertext1_zps5a027a3f.png
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So, I linked this video to Laura, basically to complain about dating myself.  I don't think I ever watched this movie, but I do remember when it came out.  My sister was so excited.  She loved Kid n Play.  I was 12, so...  Yeah, I didn't really care.*

This was Laura's response:

Laura: ...i can't stop watching
Laura: ...what is this
Laura: it's witchcraft
Laura: it's dancing crack
Laura: what
Laura: what is this
Laura: what
Laura: make it stop
Laura: please


I'm still laughing.

* Seriously, I remember faking interest in boy bands, and boys in general, at that age because it was the socially accepted...  Thing.  I can't brain.  I liked the music of New Kids on the Block (dating myself again), but did not really have a crush on any of them.  If one of my friends asked who my favorite was, I always said Danny, because it none of them gushed over him and therefore I did not need to wax poetic about his face or eyes or anything like that.  It doesn't matter that at the time I wore a C cup bra.  I was just not interested in boys.

Which leads into a whole long missive about how too much pressure is put on kids to grow up, either by their peers or by media or society in general and why it's one of my many reasons for home schooling.  Because I don't want my kids forced to start liking girls when they'd rather play with Legos.  But I'm not going to do that.  Because it's late, my boys have been sick all week, and so have I.  So, I'm heading to bed, where I will crash until hopefully 9am. 

Yeah, I know, that won't happen.  Munchkin will probably wake me up by 7, if I'm lucky.  5:30 if I'm not.


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I don't know if I'm just becoming more aware of this, or it's becoming more prevalent, but I've noticed a lot of commercials that are just rubbing me the wrong way.

One example is the Sketchers Hydee HyTops.  We're telling little girls that they're not perfect and need to hide it.  Beyond the fact that these are made for girls as little as 5.  Five year olds in 2 inch heals...  0.o

Another is Lunchables Smoothie commercial.  Where we teach boys to offer up insincere flattery to get what they want.

Seriously, these are the messages we're sending our children?

Short post is short because I have to leave in 15 minutes and really just cannot wrap my mind around what I want to say.
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So, while I've been tempted to avoid all social media for the next few days, I decided not to.  Because I would be bored.

I rarely talk about politics or religion.  I always feel like I fumble my words or like I do not know enough about the subject to speak well.  So, I tend to avoid the discussions all together.  Especially since politics and religion are two of those hot bed topics that gets everyone's dander up.  No matter what side of an issue I come down on, about half of my friends and family would screech at me.  So, it's easier to just keep my lips zipped. 

But I'm also a writer.  Writing is how I process.  So sometimes I post things just to get my thoughts out.  Which is where LJ comes in.

I identify myself as a conservative Christian.  That being said, why should I give a fuck who you are allowed to marry?  If you're gay, you're gay and you have just as much of a right to happiness as I do.  If that means marriage for you, more power to you.  As long as you are both consenting adults, I could really care less.

I'm much more concerned about other issues in the US.  Like the fact that an estimated 54% of sexual assaults never get reported to the police and only 3% of the accused ever spend a day in jail (according to this site).  That 13 year old girls are called sluts for accusing 18 year old boys of raping them.  Of the fact that I grew up in that sort of rape culture and looked the other way when a friend got drunk and had sex when she was not able to give her full consent.  That even her brother stood by and did nothing.  Instead, he left.

On a side note, I was discussing rape and rape culture with the boys on the way to TKD tonight.  Eldest's opinion is that the above statistics are insane, blaming the victim is stupid, and men who dismiss charges of rape are sexist.  I love my kid.

So, yeah, as far as issues go, opposing marriage equality is really just not on my radar. 

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For me, at least, usually means getting the kids settled by 9 pm, then reading for an hour or so before going to sleep as well.  Then, depending on when I went to sleep and a few other factors, I'm up at about 1 or 2 am again.  I read for a bit, usually an hour, sometimes longer if I just can't sleep, then sleep until 6 or 7 am, depending on the munchkin.

Last night, at 8:30, I was struggling to keep my eyes open.  The boys woke me up at 9 when they came to say good night.  I know I woke up at some point in he middle of the night, because the munchkin woke me up.  No reading, though.  It was too hard to keep my eyes open. 

I did wake up at 5 am, which was a whole hour before I needed to wake up.  But, you know, I pretty much slept the night through.  I'm pretty happy with that.  It gave me a bit of alone time before the kids had to be up, which was nice.
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The KickStarter just keeps going up and up and up.  It is so very very awesome.
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So, Brigade has these occasional "resiliency" meetings.  A lot of times it's organized by one of the chaplains and revolves around family support, building a strong marriage, overcoming obstacles, etc.  DH got really annoyed when he was in charge of a Basic Training Company because with new soldiers it was all things that their parents should have taught them.  How to set a goal and work towards it.  Stupid things like that.

They're not a bad thing, per se.  Just...  Not something I'm interested in.  (Though, the weekend trips to sunny locals and free childcare does catch my attention sometimes.  Not sure it's worth the "get in touch with your feeeeelings" type of thing, though.)

Anyway.  This one just came up on the FRG FB page:
1 BDE/ 1 AD         Couples Event
Who: Couples of the Ready First Brigade
What: Building Relationship Resiliency and Lunch of Provide [sic]
When, Where, Blah, Blah, Blah

This event has no childcare provided.

OK, easy enough.  Couples resiliency.  Got it.

Here's what the person who posted it wrote:
NO child care is available for this one...if your spouse is deployed, I recommend using some of those 16 hours a month of FREE child care we get through the CDC (must call the CDC to schedule, please do not contact CH Xxxxxx with questions about child care). But remember, spaces fill call ahead.

Anyone else seeing the funny?  And, no, not the CDC part.  For us in the Army community, it means "Child Development Center".  AKA: daycare.  Which is still funny.  DH especially liked it when the old Class 6 (liquor store) on Benning became the CDC offices.

Ah...  The official email says "couples" is misleading.  I still find it funny.

On that note:

The Military Wife
Yeah, pretty much )

There was something else...  Oh!  That's what it was.

Skinny Models )
The local news station asked if it was something we wanted to see in the US.

My response: It wouldn't matter. Magazines would just photoshop the perfectly healthy models into something out of a Tim Burton claymation movie..

Because you know that they would do it!  They've already done it with several actresses who have raised an absolute fuss over it.  Good for them!


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