Aug. 30th, 2013

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A FB rant from my cousin )

(Names changed to be safe.)

Dear Cousin,

The least offensive thing I could say here is that the mother is the first teacher. 

You blame her father and the judicial system for ruining your daughter's life.  For her going back to jail.  For her losing five years of her life during her previous stint in jail.

The mother is the first teacher.

Who taught your daughter right from wrong?  Who taught her to respect others?  Who taught her to strive to better herself? 

Where were you when she was 16, pregnant, and committing whatever crime sent her to jail for five (or more) years?  Were you with your own husband, who is also in jail?  Or with the boyfriend who beat the shit out of you?

Were you teaching her about parental responsibility when you dropped her and your son off with your mother and left for days at a time to be with your boyfriend?

Do not blame the judicial system.  If you want someone to blame, look in a mirror.  Did you encourage your daughter to better herself while in prison?  Did she get a GED, maybe take college courses?  Did you help her by proof-reading her job applications?  By helping her transition smoothly?

There are a few very telling things to me.  The fact that your granddaughter was not left in your custody, but was adopted by an outside family.  The fact that a judge considers you a harmful influence on your daughter to such a degree that he granted a no contact order.  The fact that your first assumption is that people will think that you are high. 

The mother is the first teacher.  And you, my dear, failed spectacularly.


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