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First of all: happy birthday websandwhiskers!  I hope you have a good day.

Secondly, holy crap the weather is insane!  Here in far far far west Texas we have snow!  SNOW!!!  And far far far west Texas does not have the equipment to deal with snow.  I doubt that El Paso even has a salt truck. 

So, let's see...  Maybe an inch yesterday morning (I did not measure).  That mostly melted by noon, but then we got another 1.5 inches and another dusting overnight.  People in like Michigan and Kansas and such are laughing their asses off at El Paso right now. 

The city SHOULD have shut down yesterday.  Ft Bliss, the Army base effectively did.  The local news reported that there were over 250 accidents yesterday.  And early this morning there were several roll over accidents.  The main road I take to go anywhere is closed from just east of me all the way west to the state line.

Yeah, I'm keeping my happy little butt home!

So, anyway, since I haven't done it in quite awhile: Pictures!
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Lots of F words in here. )

OK.  I have ranted and babbled and dealt with some of my built up feelings.  Now I feel like I'm going to pass out. 

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Because I thought I should actually try it.

#3 is currently in his cage, cruising the edges and babbling happily away.  Yes, he cruises.  Slowly, but it's cruising.  And has two teeth coming up.  They've broken through, but are not actually up yet.

My Mom is up and using a walker.  Like #3, it's slow going.  Her right knee needs replacement surgery, but apparently they will not do it until she is more mobile.  Which I guess makes sense.  Focus on one type of PT first, and then go on to the next.

I think Sis's marriage might be in the process of imploding.  Again.  I could be wrong.  It's not like she does not bitch about her hubby all the time anyway.  Apparently he told her that he thinks she's going through a mid-life crisis and is selfish.  *blinks*  Because she got her hair cut and is going Friday to have her nails done and eat lunch with her BFF. 

*sigh*  Not that I can do anything about it.  I can't really even tell what is actually going on.  Sis always bitches about her hubby.  ALWAYS.  So...  I dunno.

Let's see, cats have an appointment tomorrow.  They've over due for shots.  #3 has one on Feb 2nd.  I still need to make one for my car.  Yes, I have a weird way of thinking about things.

My car needs it 50K check up.  I think Volvo actually does like 55K.  But it's telling me that it's time for that.  And I have a leak in the weather stripping.  Which makes for fun times, considering all the rain we've been having.  Not looking forward to the bill.

The plan to go out to Bliss right now is to make a 4-5 day trip out.  That's driving 5-7 hours each day, checking into a hotel, and exploring the local area a bit.  With DH and I both driving, but staying together (relatively).  Then he'll sign in and have 10 days of house hunting.  I need to look online again.  And do an actual search.  We're 45 days out (give or take).  Wow, moving again.  With a baby!  Yikes!!!


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